flush1 [ flʌʃ ] verb *
1. ) intransitive or transitive to make water pass through a toilet
a ) transitive to get rid of something by putting it into a toilet and flushing it:
flush something down the toilet: If any medicine is left over, flush it down the toilet.
b ) intransitive if a toilet flushes, water passes through it:
The toilet won't flush!
2. ) intransitive if someone flushes, their face becomes red because they are hot or sick, or feeling angry, embarrassed, or excited:
Lisa flushed and looked away.
flush with: Mark flushed with annoyance, but said nothing.
someone's face/cheeks flush (with something): Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
3. ) transitive to clean something by pouring a lot of water over it or through it:
Hot water is then flushed through the pipe.
4. ) flush or flush out transitive to force a person or animal to leave a place where they have been hiding:
flush someone from something: The rebels were flushed from their hiding places and shot.
,flush `out phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to clean something using a lot of water:
Flush the pipes out with clean water.
a ) to remove something by pouring a lot of water through the place where it is:
Use plain water to flush out the debris.
flush something out of something: Drinking plenty of water helps to flush harmful substances out of your body.
2. ) same as FLUSH1 4:
The hounds are sent in to flush out the fox.
flush 2 [ flʌʃ ] noun count
1. ) usually singular a red color that appears on someone's face because they are hot or sick, or feeling angry, embarrassed, or excited:
A dark flush betrayed her real feelings.
a ) a sudden strong feeling:
a flush of irritation/embarrassment/anger/pride
2. ) an act of making water pass through something:
the flush of a toilet
3. ) a group of cards held by someone in a card game that all belong to the same SUIT (=one of the four types of a set of cards)
the first flush of youth/success/love/freedom etc. MAINLY LITERARY
the time when something is new and exciting:
She was still in the first flush of her huge success.
flush 3 [ flʌʃ ] adjective
1. ) if two surfaces or edges are flush, they are exactly level with each other:
The cabinet doors aren't quite flush.
flush with: Try to trim the hedge so it's flush with the fence.
2. ) INFORMAL with a lot more money than you usually have:
Sammy was feeling flush after a win at the racetrack.
flush 4 [ flʌʃ ] adverb
fitted so that two surfaces or edges are exactly level:
flush with: hand-painted tiles set flush with the wall

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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